Health & Wellbeing

Healthy Mind to a Healthy Body

This week we saw Lady Gaga perform at the Annual Super Bowl. I was mortified to see the amount of body slamming on social media after she wore a cropped top and shorts at the end of her performance.
Twitter went crazy calling her fat and commenting on her belly rolls! Personally, I think her body looked incredible and it saddens me to see that so many people criticized her body because it didn’t match their standards of perfection.

We all need to realise that 99% of what they see in the media and on Instagram is not reality and there are apps that can make body parts look smoother, smaller and bigger.
Body shaming causes mental problems, anxiety, shame and eating disorders. All of these things can kill and it needs to be realised that society is brainwashing us to believe we are worthless unless we look a certain way. Love yourself and your body no matter what shape or size!

Live happy and healthy in the mind and in your own body! Our bodies are what keep us alive and we are all beautiful and unique.


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