Jamaica, Montego Bay

Last October, me and my boyfriend went for two week vacation to Jamaica! We stayed in Secrets St James Resort and Spa in Montego Bay and here is our overall experience of the hotel and trips, the bad and mostly the good! Secrets St James Resort and Spa: Rooms: We stayed in preferred club, the view… Continue reading Jamaica, Montego Bay


Tuscany, Italy

Italy, a place I have always wanted to go! From its amazing culture, building’s, history and fantastic cuisine, Italy is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. In June 2016, my boyfriend decided to take me to Tuscany to celebrate me turning quarter of a century. Whilst he paid, I planned all of… Continue reading Tuscany, Italy


How I Beat Perioral Dermatitis

If you have ever suffered from Perioral Dermatitis, you will know it is an unpleasant experience and an experience that lasted almost a year in my case! I am self-diagnosed (by constant internet research) but I would like to share my battle and more importantly, resolution! It began around March 2016, I had what looked… Continue reading How I Beat Perioral Dermatitis